How can We help You

Public relations and corporate communications

Gain visibility. Build trust. Grow. From crafting press releases, creating internal & external communication materials to building relationships with key journalists, we will build personalized communication strategies to help you reach your objectives

Today, effective communication combines old marketing principles with modern branding and storytelling, and at PRessence we help with public relations and communication, specialized communication for transactions, copywriting and brand strategy.

For companies looking for a communication strategy that will improve their visibility and reputation.

Specialized communication for transactions

If you have new investments, mergers, IPOs or acquisitions to announce, we help create strategic communication plans to address your key stakeholders. 

For financial institutions, investment funds, law firms and companies with M&A activities that want to communicate their achievements in a professional and impactful manner.

Messaging strategy consulting

Craft a compelling core message that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from the competition. Our strategic messaging consulting services ensure that your company’s story is communicated effectively across all channels.

What is the most important thing we want people to know about us? 

A company’s messaging incudes the most important things about the company, the brand, services and the product, and why that matters to your audience. In other words, find WHAT to say to your audience. 

Branding, storytelling and positioning

For startups and early stage companies.

Every successful brand needs a captivating story. We help you develop a unique brand narrative that connects with your ideal customers, establishes your brand identity, and positions you as an industry leader.

How do we proceed



When you decide to start the project, you will receive a Brief form in which you will include important and relevant information about the company.

A telephone conversation or a meeting follows, in which we will draw together the project and the objectives.

You will receive a Memorandum summarizing the project, objectives, timelines, deliverables and budget, assumed by both parties.

At the agreed deadline, you will receive the required projects and materials, which will be refined following your suggestions.

Presentation of final materials, for approval. Final approval.