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Public Relations Consulting and Messaging Strategies for the Venture Capital Ecosystem

We help you find your brand messaging. Clearly communicate your stories to the public to gain the trust of your partners and investors.

Looking to boost your reputation?

Why do You Communicate?

To Inform. To Educate. To Build Trust. To Nurture Meaningful Relationships
We understand the power of effective communication. With over 20 years of experience in public relations for investment firms, brand messaging, and corporate communication, I helped numerous businesses get clarity on their messaging and gain the public recognition they deserved. If you are struggling to make your company’s voice heard in a crowded market, looking to grow your public image and reputation or seeking ways to engage investors and maximize your market impact, you don’t need to walk this path alone.

Hi! I am Madalina Nitu, and I  believe that everyone has a captivating story to tell. I’m here to help you craft it and share it with the world.

Since 2000, I have been supporting many brands in their journeys to the customer’s heart. Working with some of Romania’s most prominent entrepreneurs and investors, I have developed communication strategies, launched new brands, built and helped grow thriving business communities, and executed large-scale promotional or communication campaigns.

I founded PRessence, a communication consultancy business, dedicated to helping companies communicate their achievements to the public. Our mission is to bring brands to light through strategic and efficient communication.

Are you in the VC/PE ecosystem?

The world of venture capital is fiercely competitive, with countless companies vying for limited investment opportunities. In this high-stakes environment, effective public relations tailored to this sector is a powerful spark for success. By being visible and well-regarded, you are more likely to have more business opportunities and be approached with exciting new projects.

The VC/PE ecosystem is a network of various entities involved in the process of financing and supporting early-stage and established companies:

  • Venture Capital /Private Equity firms
  • Small & Medium Companies and Entrepreneurs
  • Angel Investors
  • Corporate Venture Capital (CVCs)
  • Support organizations (entrepreneurial associations, industry associations, and networking groups)
  • Service providers
  • Mergers & Acquisitions projects

How can Public Relations help You?

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Credibility & Trust

In the world of investments, credibility is everything. PR helps at building trust and confidence among potential investors and partners.
A well-communicated track record of successful investments and an understanding of emerging trends can make a VC firm a preferred choice.   
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Deal flow

Investors rely on a consistent flow of promising companies to invest in. PR can amplify a firm's reputation, attracting more entrepreneurs seeking funding.
A positive public image can result in a higher volume of quality deal flow.
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Thought leadership

PR strategies that include expert commentary, white papers, and participation in industry events. 
It can establish a firm's leadership position and open doors to new opportunities.
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Portfolio support

Communication should not stop at the announcement of an acquisition. It extends to post-acquisition life of portfolio companies.
We can help companies secure media coverage, gain exposure, and attract customers and partners, ultimately contributing to the success of the entire business environment. 
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Mitigating challenges

Unexpected challenges or crises can happen in the world of M&A. PR professionals can provide support and strategy to handle crises.
We are protecting a firm's reputation and investor trust in times of uncertainty. 

How can We help You?

Maximize your company’s reputation through strategic and efficient communication. Give your partners and customers a chance to know your values through honest and empathic branding.

Public relations and corporate communications

Gain visibility. Build trust. Grow. From crafting press releases, creating internal & external communication materials to building relationships with key journalists, we will build personalized communication strategies to help you reach your objectives.

Specialized communication for transactions

If you have new investments, mergers, IPOs or acquisitions to announce, we help create strategic communication plans to address your key stakeholders.

Messaging strategy consulting

Craft a compelling core message that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from the competition. Our strategic messaging consulting services ensure that your company’s story is communicated effectively across all channels.

Brand storytelling and positioning

Every successful brand needs a captivating story. We help you develop a unique brand narrative that connects with your ideal customers, establishes your brand identity, and positions you as an industry leader. MORE…

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