Everybody has a story to tell. I’m here to help you craft it and tell it to the world. If you find yourself….
… Struggling to make your company’s voice heard in a crowded market
… Looking to grow your public image and reputation
… Seeking ways to engage investors and maximize your market impact….
You don’t need to walk this path alone.

With over two decades of expertise in public relations, investment communication and marketing, I can guide you through. I am dedicated to helping businesses thrive by enhancing their public reputation and brand image through strategic communication.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging industries struggle to gain media coverage and establish a positive public reputation. They often find it challenging to handle mass-media to compete with larger players in their sectors. I specialize in strategic communication for the VC ecosystem and I have created a process to help entrepreneurs clarify their messaging, so that they not only gain media coverage but also be recognized as frontrunners and influencers in their industries. My goal is to help companies grow by increasing their public reputation through strategic communication.
Madalina Nitu

I am an independent communication consultant, focusing on the Mergers & Acquisitions ecosystem, including PE & VC firms, business angels associations, tech startups and entrepreneurial companies. The companies I worked with achieved remarkable growth, established robust online and offline presence and were featured in renowned business publications.

What I bring to the table

20+ years experience

I have 20+ years of marketing and communications experience: My journey has taken me from the fast-paced world of advertising agencies to the strategic landscape of investment firms

Investment communication

An in-depth understanding of investment communication: My expertise was refined over 15 years at one of the region's largest private equity firms. I understand the nuances of crafting compelling narratives that resonate with investors and various stakeholders.

Community Nurturer

I've contributed to the growth of various entrepreneurial communities, such as MBI & MBO Club, Business Champions (Campioni in Business), Bravva Angels, with the mission to open new avenues for development, growth, and financing for entrepreneurs and executives.

Today, effective communication combines old marketing principles with modern branding and storytelling, and at PRessence we help companies grow by increasing their public reputation  through strategic communication.

What I can help you achieve